An Answer

Posted: August 19, 2014 in Denmark, paperwork, prayer

We finally received an answer from Danish Immigration yesterday. Sadly, our work and residence visa was denied. While that is not what we wanted to hear, it is what we have to work with. I am looking into filing and appeal about this decision.

Please pray for our family. We are greatly saddened by this news. Also, please pray that God grants us His wisdom, strength, and guidance during this time.

Thank you for all the prayers already said on our behalf. God bless you all.

Still waiting

Posted: August 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

By the title you can guess that we are still waiting to hear from Denmark.

We finished up our last scheduled furlough meeting the first Sunday in July. After that I called the Danish Embassy in NYC to see if they could give me any news about our paperwork. They said that I should hear something by the middle of July (that being the three month mark). It came and went with no answer. So two weeks ago I called Danish Immigration in Copenhagen to see if they could give me an answer. After getting mis-directed to a few different places that couldn’t help, I finally found someone to assist me. They basically said they did not know why it was taking so long, they would email my case worker and tell them to communicate with me, and that I had to continue waiting. The communication could be by email or letter. IF for some reason they send it to the Embassy instead of to me, the Embassy will let me know right away.

I said all that to say, please pray for us to be patient as the answer is still between God and government. I could keep calling Immigration, but they told me it would do no good. We just have to wait.

Also please pray for us about the moving costs. We have been able to save up a good bit of money, but we are still about $4,000 short. The good thing is that they longer we wait for an answer, the more time we have to save. (^_^) And it gives us more time to look for housing in Denmark.

Finally, if there are any churches that I did not get to visit on furlough that would like to have us in, I will be scheduling some more meetings. I don’t want to sit around and do nothing as we anticipate an answer form Denmark, I want to stay busy serving God.

Thank you for the prayers said for us during this time. God bless!

Almost finished

Posted: June 24, 2014 in furlough

We thank God for His help and provision on furlough. As it stands right now, we have two scheduled meetings left for furlough! I know we are tired from the travelling. It doesn’t mean we haven’t enjoyed visiting with our supporting churches and being in some new ones, but it gets exhausting.

I called the Danish Consulate in NYC today about our paperwork. They looked up my info and told me that I should hear something by the three month mark. That will be July 17th. I was pleased to hear that they will email me as soon as they get a response from Denmark. So we are still waiting, but we do have a time to look towards. We are setting our new departure date to August. Lord willing we won’t have to change it beyond that month. (^_^)

In the mean time we will be staying plenty busy, even if we won’t be doing as much travelling. The kids are working on finishing up school, I am searching online for a house in Denmark, and we still have family that we want to visit before we leave.

Overall I have enjoyed my time back in America. It certainly has changed since we left, but so have we. I would say that it took me until April before I got used to being back here and seeing Americans everywhere. (^_^) Masey and the kids adjusted real quick to being back. Maybe it has something to do with me not liking change.

On another note, if you look to the left you will see I updated the sidebar some. I know have a visitor map so everyone can see who is stopping by this little blog, and I have made it a little easier to sign up for blog update. Please note, this sign up is not to receive prayer letters. If you want to sign up for that, click here and fill out the request.

If you know anyone who might enjoy reading this blog, feel free to share it with them and encourage them to sign upĀ  for the updates. AND if you read this blog but don’t receive our prayer letter, click here to sign up for it.

Site totals

Posted: June 3, 2014 in communicating
May 2014 stats

May 2014 stats

Here is my almost end of May views. I’ve got just a small little blog, but I am grateful for those that keep up with us. Thank you for praying for us and keeping up with the Arnold family through this site. God bless!

Oh and below here are the total stats since I have been on WordPress. I couldn’t even fit them on one screen, so the flags listed aren’t all of them. (^_^) Thank you for visiting.

All time viewers

All time viewers

End of May update

Posted: May 30, 2014 in furlough, update
Watermelon munchers!

Watermelon munchers!

Enjoy a nice picture of my sweet kids on this last Friday of May! Actually, I just thought I would pop over here and give you a quick update on things. We it may actually be a non-update on some stuff.

We still have Read the rest of this entry »

Birthday Greetings

Posted: May 27, 2014 in birthday, furlough
Masey and Mena

Masey and Mena

I want to take a moment and say “Happy Birthday” to two special ladies: my wife Masey, and my sister, whom we call Mena. Both have birthdays coming up soon and I wanted to let them know that I love them and wish them a very Happy Birthday!

They both play a big part in our family and ministry. Masey helps hold together the family side: cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, keeping me in line. (^_^) Mena does a great job handling the ‘office work’ of things when we are overseas or out of pocket: mailing prayer letters, forwarding correspondence, depositing support, making sure folks don’t forget about us.

I pray that God blesses both of them and that they will have the best birthday ever!

Forgive me for not telling ages, but I’ve learned a little over the years. (^_^) I’ll just say they are between 12 – 80 years old. (^_^)


Posted: May 5, 2014 in greenland, Sisimiut

One of my favorite times we had in Greenland were when we attended a kaffemik. We were able to go to several during our time in Sisimiut and we got to host one for Elijah’s 8th birthday. Here are some pictures from various kaffemiks we attended along with the one we hosted for Elijah. A kaffemik is where you gather to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, school starting, etc. They usually have coffee, hot tea, sweets, and sometimes soup or other food.