Eli turns 10

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Our almost 10 Eli

Our almost 10 Eli

We are getting ready to celebrate Elijah’s birthday real soon. Our only boy will be turning 10! It doesn’t seem like that long ago he was born. Or that I should be old enough to have a 10 year old! (^_^) We were riding to a restaurant to do the traditional birthday eating out and we were talking about things. I mentioned to him about his age and how I’m glad we haven’t broken him or killed him yet!

Seriously though, he has grown into a fine boy. He has gotten saved, been baptised, and has surrendered his life to Christ. He doesn’t yet know what he wants to do in life. One day he may be an astronaut, preacher, president, or missionary. It doesn’t matter to me as long as he is doing God’s will and following God.

On another note, there hasn’t really been any news on our paperwork appeal. I got a letter saying that it was received on Sept 19th. I am thinking about writing them to ask on the progress of it, but haven’t decided yet. But we aren’t just sitting around waiting. We have been praying about the appeal. We have tried to stay busy with some language study, home schooling, helping around our home church, and preaching out as God allows.

If any independent Baptist churches would be interested in having us come though, just give me an email and let me know. I have been working on scheduling some more, but that is a slow process. Thank you to those who have prayed for us, sent us encouraging notes, and have sent financial support. God bless!

Appeal Sent

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Appeal Tracking

Appeal Tracking

This past Wednesday, I finished the appeal and mailed it off to the Immigration Board in Denmark. I paid extra to be able to track the envelope and saw that it arrived today! Now begins the wait. In the next 30 days I should receive some communication from them telling me how long the entire process will take.

Please be in prayer for us about the appeal. I have done all the research, planning, and praying that I knew to do. Now it is in God’s hands. What I want from this is for God’s will to be done. I am hoping and praying that they agree with my appeal and allow us to come to Denmark as a missionary, but most of all I want God’s will in this matter.

As I find out more information I will post it here and send it out to my email subscribers. Thank you for praying and taking time to read this. God bless!

I don’t usually post prayer letters to my website. I reserve those for emailing to folks who have asked for them. While I won’t be posting the actual PDF on here, I will post most of the text of it. Our July – August prayer letter is below.

  As those that receive our email updates and check our website will know, on Monday, August 18th, we received an answer concerning our paperwork to move to Denmark. We were denied on the grounds that our sending/sponsoring church is not in Denmark. You can imagine the sadness we felt. It was heart rending to go from the excitement and happiness of receiving an answer to the gut wrenching feeling of being denied. We have spent the ensuing days praying and researching what to do. We faced several options, one being to file an appeal and see if the appeals board will reverse the decision.

  After much prayer and counsel we have chosen to file an appeal. From the information that I have gathered, once I file the appeal (Lord willing it’ll be next week) they will contact me within 30 days to let me know how long my appeal should take. It can take up to six months.

  During this time we do not plan on being idle. I will be booking more meetings to report to supporting churches and to seek after new support. Also, if there are any churches that we can help out along the way through preaching, teaching, door knocking, etc we will be glad to do so. Please keep us in prayer about this.

  I want to take this time to reiterate that we have not given up on preaching the Gospel to the Greenlanders. This move was not done because we want to quit missions or the ministry. It was not done because Greenland was too hard or harsh for us. One of the main reasons for this change was to get the help I needed with Danish, help that I could not get in Greenland.
  Our heart’s desire is to see Greenlanders turn to Christ for salvation, turn to the Bible for discipleship, start indep. Baptist churches, and see the Greenlanders preaching the Gospel one day. Be they Greenlanders in Greenland, Denmark, or wherever they live. Things may not always go the way I want them, but I trust that all of this is in God’s hand and what is happening is according to His will.

  On another note, all three of the kids got baptized last week. It was a blessing to see them follow the Lord in baptism. Elijah got saved back in 2011 during a revival at our sending church. Maryanna and Eryn both got saved on the same night at a meeting in Hot Springs, AR in March of this year. (^_^) Click on the pictures below to enlarge.

Thank you for taking time to pray for our family and please keep on doing so. God bless you all!

Eryn was barely visible, but she was there!

Eryn was barely visible, but she was there!

Maryanna is happy...and maybe a little nervous. (^_^)

Maryanna is happy…and maybe a little nervous. (^_^)

My big boy, Eli, getting baptized.

My big boy, Eli, getting baptized.

An Answer

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We finally received an answer from Danish Immigration yesterday. Sadly, our work and residence visa was denied. While that is not what we wanted to hear, it is what we have to work with. I am looking into filing and appeal about this decision.

Please pray for our family. We are greatly saddened by this news. Also, please pray that God grants us His wisdom, strength, and guidance during this time.

Thank you for all the prayers already said on our behalf. God bless you all.

Still waiting

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By the title you can guess that we are still waiting to hear from Denmark.

We finished up our last scheduled furlough meeting the first Sunday in July. After that I called the Danish Embassy in NYC to see if they could give me any news about our paperwork. They said that I should hear something by the middle of July (that being the three month mark). It came and went with no answer. So two weeks ago I called Danish Immigration in Copenhagen to see if they could give me an answer. After getting mis-directed to a few different places that couldn’t help, I finally found someone to assist me. They basically said they did not know why it was taking so long, they would email my case worker and tell them to communicate with me, and that I had to continue waiting. The communication could be by email or letter. IF for some reason they send it to the Embassy instead of to me, the Embassy will let me know right away.

I said all that to say, please pray for us to be patient as the answer is still between God and government. I could keep calling Immigration, but they told me it would do no good. We just have to wait.

Also please pray for us about the moving costs. We have been able to save up a good bit of money, but we are still about $4,000 short. The good thing is that they longer we wait for an answer, the more time we have to save. (^_^) And it gives us more time to look for housing in Denmark.

Finally, if there are any churches that I did not get to visit on furlough that would like to have us in, I will be scheduling some more meetings. I don’t want to sit around and do nothing as we anticipate an answer form Denmark, I want to stay busy serving God.

Thank you for the prayers said for us during this time. God bless!

Almost finished

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We thank God for His help and provision on furlough. As it stands right now, we have two scheduled meetings left for furlough! I know we are tired from the travelling. It doesn’t mean we haven’t enjoyed visiting with our supporting churches and being in some new ones, but it gets exhausting.

I called the Danish Consulate in NYC today about our paperwork. They looked up my info and told me that I should hear something by the three month mark. That will be July 17th. I was pleased to hear that they will email me as soon as they get a response from Denmark. So we are still waiting, but we do have a time to look towards. We are setting our new departure date to August. Lord willing we won’t have to change it beyond that month. (^_^)

In the mean time we will be staying plenty busy, even if we won’t be doing as much travelling. The kids are working on finishing up school, I am searching online for a house in Denmark, and we still have family that we want to visit before we leave.

Overall I have enjoyed my time back in America. It certainly has changed since we left, but so have we. I would say that it took me until April before I got used to being back here and seeing Americans everywhere. (^_^) Masey and the kids adjusted real quick to being back. Maybe it has something to do with me not liking change.

On another note, if you look to the left you will see I updated the sidebar some. I know have a visitor map so everyone can see who is stopping by this little blog, and I have made it a little easier to sign up for blog update. Please note, this sign up is not to receive prayer letters. If you want to sign up for that, click here and fill out the request.

If you know anyone who might enjoy reading this blog, feel free to share it with them and encourage them to sign up  for the updates. AND if you read this blog but don’t receive our prayer letter, click here to sign up for it.

Site totals

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May 2014 stats

May 2014 stats

Here is my almost end of May views. I’ve got just a small little blog, but I am grateful for those that keep up with us. Thank you for praying for us and keeping up with the Arnold family through this site. God bless!

Oh and below here are the total stats since I have been on WordPress. I couldn’t even fit them on one screen, so the flags listed aren’t all of them. (^_^) Thank you for visiting.

All time viewers

All time viewers