March - April 2015 Prayer Letter

March – April 2015 Prayer Letter

Once again I thought I would put our latest prayer letter on here so as to update everyone on what’s been going on with us. Most folks that read this blog probably already receive my emails, but I wanted to post it here anyway. Instead of putting it on as plain text, I have uploaded it as a picture file. You should be able to click on the above picture and it will enlarge where you can read it. (You may have to click on the photo again on the next screen to enlarge it.)

Please keep praying for us. We are very grateful for your prayers on our behalf. God bless!

Girls sliding

Girls sliding

Just to let folks know what’s going on with us, I am going to upload our prayer letter in text format. If you don’t receive our prayer letter and would like to, please let me know. Or if you do get it and want removed from our list, you can email me and I’ll be glad to take you off the list.

Jan – Feb 2015

I trust this letter finds you warm and serving the Lord during this frosty winter! Lately we have had some snow here in Arkansas. It’s not much snow compared to what  Read the rest of this entry »

Five months

Posted: February 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

We have reached the five month mark of our appeal today. I just got off the phone with the Danish Immigration Appeals Board. They told me that I should be hearing something soon, since they usually answer within six months. Please pray that we can hear an answer soon, if that is the Lord’s will. We feel quite useless over here, seeing all that needs to be done in Denmark and Greenland and we are here waiting for an answer. Please pray for us.

There is still a chance, though it’s small, that they could request more time and the appeal go beyond six months. I think this would be the worst response since it would mean more waiting. Please pray that we can get an answer very soon, if the Lord is willing. We want God’s will done throughout this process.

On a side note, dealing with the Immigration Appeals Board is so much easier than deal with Danish Immigration. They are a lot kinder, more helpful, and I don’t have to wait on the phone 45 minutes to speak with someone. (^_^) Even though I would not have chosen to go this long route through the Appeals Board, it has been smooth dealings with them. That in itself is something to be grateful for.

Thank you for all the prayers! God bless you all and have a great week!

Survey trip 2004

Posted: January 12, 2015 in greenland, Kulusuk

This ‘blast from the past’ is about the first trip that Masey and I took in 2004. It was lot of firsts for us. It was our first time to fly, our first time being overseas, our first time staying in a hostel, all while Masey was 7 months pregnant with our first baby, Elijah!

God blessed us during this time and we learned a lot. I know that I’ve posted a little about this before but I thought I would add some extra photos for you all to laugh at. (^_^) I hope you enjoy these old pictures. And you can click on the photos to expand them. Thanks!


Ad Blockers

Posted: December 3, 2014 in tech


I heard the other day that there were some questionable ads at the bottom of one of my blog posts. First I want to say that I had forgotten that WordPress puts ads at the bottom of the posts. I use an ad blocker that removes all of them. More on that in a moment. I get no money from these ads, whatever may come from the ads being on the blog is all for WordPress, none for me.

Secondly, I can’t really control the ads that show up. I mean, I could pay the fee WordPress charges to remove the ads, but I don’t want to do that since they can easily be removed (and it’s usually for free). Also, my understanding is that the ads can be based on your browsing history. What I mean by that is when Read the rest of this entry »

Kulusuk 2009

Posted: December 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

These are from way back in 2009 during an extended visit to the east Greenland village of Kulusuk.

Click to enlarge individual pics.

Thanksgiving 2014

Posted: December 1, 2014 in furlough

2014 Thanksgiving family pic

We had a good Thanksgiving time this year. It was a nice calm day for us and we enjoyed it in MS with Masey’s family. If you had asked me last year Read the rest of this entry »