Prayer Requests

Posted: August 7, 2015 in prayer


I have a few family prayer requests if ya’ll wouldn’t mind praying for them I would appreciate it.

Elijah and the girls went for routine eye exams last week. None of them need glasses right now, but the eye doc found something strange with Elijah. It looks as though Eli might have glaucoma. He is being sent to a specialist on the 21st who will be able to tell us more. Eli says he doesn’t have any eye pain, which is encouraging, but the eye doc said that his nerves are reacting like someone who has glaucoma. Please pray for him (and us) about this.

Next up please pray for Masey. She has been feeling bad for a few weeks and went to get checked out on Wednesday. Her doctor told her that she thinks she has Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Masey is on some strong antibiotics while she is waiting for the test results to come back and confirm or deny the sickness. But the antibiotics aren’t without their side effects. Pray for her through this and that we can help take care of her.

Lastly please keep praying for us about our paperwork. This seems to be the most common prayer request I post, but it is an important one. We haven’t heard anything yet so there isn’t any news to report there, but our prayer and hearts desire is to get back to Greenland as soon as God allows. We have been praying that we could be back over there by January if God will let us.

Thank you for taking time to read through these and please pray for us if you would. Thanks!

GL Prayer Cards

Posted: August 3, 2015 in arctic
Front of Card

Front of Card

Back of Card

Back of Card

I can’t remember if I ever posted our new cards. I know that I emailed them out and included them in the hard copies I sent folks, but I don’t think they are on here. If you want to print them, you should be able to Right Click -> Save Link As -> Then once you download it you can print it out with whatever program you prefer. Just in case someone would want to print them out. (^_^) If you have any trouble with them, let me know and I’ll try to get it sorted out for you. Thanks!


Still alive!

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I just wanted to let folks know we are still alive and kicking. We had a good time helping out at our sending church’s youth conference. There were a lot of 7th-12th graders here and they heard some good preaching and singing. The past week or so we have been battling some sickness. A couple of the kids have had some strep throat and poor Masey has been fighting off a stomach flu for over 4 days now. Thankfully I have been relatively healthy other than some allergies and have done what I can to help them out.

Please continue to pray for us. Our paperwork is being processed for Greenland and, Lord willing, we will be travelling to some meetings in August. We would like to raise up some more support before we head back over to Greenland. Please be praying for us about this.

Thank you to those that faithfully pray for us. We definitely need them. God bless!

Nuuk videos

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I made a YouTube channel and uploaded three videos from my trip to Nuuk. I will upload more later and eventually want to upload almost all of my Greenland videos. To see the Nuuk Trip 2015 playlist click here. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Nuuk trip 2015

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Thank you to all of those that prayed for me during my recent trip to Nuuk, Greenland. Overall I had a great time and look forward to returning. You can find picture of the trip at the bottom of this post.

I was nervous on the flight from Iceland to Nuuk because of my luggage. It had missed my flight from NYC to Iceland, so they told me that they would take it directly to the other airport I was flying from in Iceland. I get there and they said they had already checked it in for me, so I was trusting that everything was ok. When I finally saw my luggage appear on the conveyor belt in Nuuk I was so happy I about shouted. (^_^)

I stayed at a really nice hostel while I was in Nuuk. I had my own locked room and would highly recommend it to anyone that wanted to travel to Nuuk. I spent several hours every day wandering the town. God blesses us with real good weather. I think it snowed three days, but I really enjoyed it.

I was surprised at how big Nuuk is! I had been told before that you could see the whole town in just a little bit of time. That might be true if you just want to walk by and look at the shops, but not if you want to see the countryside and houses around town. My last day there I realized that I had not seen but probably half the town.

I got to check out the new language school, look over some houses that are for sale, sign up for the gov’t housing waiting list, meet new people, and tried making a connection with some other acquaintances there, but they were either sick or on holiday. The LORD did allow me to meet a newly married couple. The man is from Greenland, but the wife is from Georgia. Can you believe that!? She hasn’t lived in Nuuk very long but seemed real happy when I told her about us moving there and about Masey. I’m hoping this will blossom into a good friendship. Me and Masey understand about being in a strange place with strange languages and I hope we can be a blessing to her.

The way I got to talking with them was I was at a loppemarked (kinda like an indoor yard sale). I was resting from walking while sipping coffee. I heard them talking about a place to sit. I spoke up and said they could have my seat because I was “fixin’ to leave.” I usually try to not use slang when I’m out like that but that one slipped. The wife stopped me and asked me where I was from. It was a good conversation with both of them and I am looking forward to meeting them again.

God even gave me an extra day in Greenland. It wasn’t my plan or design. In fact I thought I would hyperventilate when they told me my return flight to Iceland had been cancelled. But God worked it all out. I tried to change days on my flight from Iceland to the US but Expedia has horrible customer service. Over 45 minutes on the phone with them resolved nothing. I hung up, called Delta and they had it all changed in 10 minutes. God even had them waive the $300 change ticket fee. They actually gave me a $17 credit for my next flight. AND God had them put us up in Hotel Hans Egede, a really expensive 4 star hotel in Nuuk, with a steak supper and breakfast included. I could not have imagined anything like that happening ever. I also got to talk with another passenger from the flight and had a good time on my extra day. Ain’t God good! I know He is, but the fact that He’s good to some dumb hick like me makes it extra special! (^_^)

I hope you enjoy the pictures I’ve posted below (click them to enlarge). I might even add some of the videos I took on another day.

NOTE: I have had trouble getting some to upload. I will be adding more photos later. Sorry.

March - April 2015 Prayer Letter

March – April 2015 Prayer Letter

Once again I thought I would put our latest prayer letter on here so as to update everyone on what’s been going on with us. Most folks that read this blog probably already receive my emails, but I wanted to post it here anyway. Instead of putting it on as plain text, I have uploaded it as a picture file. You should be able to click on the above picture and it will enlarge where you can read it. (You may have to click on the photo again on the next screen to enlarge it.)

Please keep praying for us. We are very grateful for your prayers on our behalf. God bless!

Girls sliding

Girls sliding

Just to let folks know what’s going on with us, I am going to upload our prayer letter in text format. If you don’t receive our prayer letter and would like to, please let me know. Or if you do get it and want removed from our list, you can email me and I’ll be glad to take you off the list.

Jan – Feb 2015

I trust this letter finds you warm and serving the Lord during this frosty winter! Lately we have had some snow here in Arkansas. It’s not much snow compared to what  Read the rest of this entry »