Jan – Feb 2016 Prayer Letter

Posted: March 9, 2016 in Uncategorized

Here is our latest prayer letter. Many probably have already received it by email or post, but I wanted to put it here in case someone missed it. You can also download a PDF version that also includes a letter from our pastor by clicking Jan – Feb 2016. Also, please be praying for us. We are hoping to by tickets this week. It looks like our official departure date will be April 16th. Once I have the tickets bought and the dates certain I will send out another update. Thanks!

Dear praying friends,

I pray that you all have had a great start to 2016. We can truly say that God has been so good to us in the midst of all the activity that has come with this year! Our trip to Serbia and Hungary went great. We had a wonderful time, saw some great sites, and stayed plenty busy. We got to fellowship with several missionary families and had a great time preaching in Hungary. Thank you to those who prayed for us during this trip.

A few days before our trip to Serbia and Hungary we received the final word from Immigration that our paperwork was denied. Though we had suspected this would be the decision, it hit us hard. We have spent time praying, crying, fasting, and getting counsel about what to do. We believe with this latest denial, and the health problems we have been dealing with, that God has closed the door for our family to be in Greenland.

Back in Dec when God first put Hungary on my heart I thought that it was to pray for the missionaries there. From time to time God will put a country, town, or people on my heart and I try to find missionaries there to pray for. I thought this would be the same thing. But God kept burdening me with Hungary and I didn’t understand why. I didn’t want to change fields away from Greenland, but I couldn’t escape the burden God had given me either. With this last denial I realized that God was working in my heart not just to pray for missionaries in Hungary, but to go as a missionary to Hungary.

I informed the missionaries we were visiting about this and they were all very kind and understanding. I discussed with them the possibility of coming to Hungary and they were both encouraging and open to us coming. I didn’t want to make a decision while on the trip, and they were not pushing for an immediate answer. After returning from the trip we have spent time seeking God’s will and we believe that it is God’s will for our family go to Hungary as missionaries.

Our plan is to work with national pastor Bro. Zsolt Kovacs and Bible Baptist Church of Debrecen. He has been there for many years and has experience working with American missionaries. The town has over 200,000 people while Hungary itself is home to over 10 million with only a few ind. Baptist churches.

He has agreed to help us in transitioning to a ministry in Hungary. We will be working with him at his church while attending language school. This opportunity presents us with many benefits such as help with the language and culture of Hungary, as well as being able to minister to the English speaking students who attend from the university. Our hearts desire is to one day start churches in Hungary after we have been properly trained and mentored in Debrecen.

Our prayer is to move to Hungary by March 31st at the soonest. We believe we have found a house and will know for sure in the next week or so. While in Hungary we will also be able to get the health care that me and Masey require. This move might seem sudden, but God has been blessing and working everything out and we have spent so much time in the USA dealing with Danish Immigration that we don’t want more time to pass before we get to the field.

Please pray for us as this move is dependent on two major things: 1) Our support remaining steady and not loosing any supporting churches because of this transition. 2) Our health remaining stable. I’m doing good but have a check up in March. Masey goes at the end of Feb for a check up. Please pray that Masey’s health improves and our support doesn’t drop as we seek to do God’s will!

Thank you so much and God bless!!

  1. Katie says:

    We are so thankful for you and your family’s service for Christ. I am from one of your supporting churches (Park Meadows Baptist), and have followed your blog for close to two years now. I will continue to be praying for all of you!!


    • Thank you so much for keeping up with us and especially for praying for us!! We are thankful for good supporting churches like yours that are faithful to help missionaries. God bless!


  2. Carolyn Courtney says:

    I am excited about this new field for you, and I am praying for your family. I am praying for the test Mrs. Masey will have on March 18. I rejoice that Elijah doesn’t need braces.
    Mrs. Carolyn


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