Hungary Move Update

Posted: March 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

I sent this out as an email update several days ago, but forgot to post it here for the rest to see. If you don’t receive our updates and would like to, click on the “How you can Help” tab and there is a place to sign up for the emails. Thanks so much for praying for us.

We are making preparations for our upcoming move and I wanted to send an update so everyone will know how things are progressing and what to pray for.

I want to start with a praise. We were able to book our tickets. We are departing from Little Rock, AR on April 16th! It was the first time I ever used a travel agent and it went great. They do a lot of work with missionaries and was able to get us cheap tickets (less than $3,500). They even got us 3 checked pieces of luggage each! That’s a blessing!

Prayer Requests

  1. We are working to finalize our small shipment of personal items to Hungary. We don’t have enough to ship a full container, so we will be sending a pallet. I am working out the final details, but we should be sending that off in the next couple weeks. Pray for us as we continue to thin down our belongings and book the shipment.
  2. Please be in prayer about us finding insurance for our family. We will need to have health insurance to live in Hungary, and I am having trouble finding some that will cover Masey and her meds. I have a couple places some preachers told me about that I am checking with, so please pray that we can get this nailed down soon.
  3. Please pray for our housing. We thought we had found a house to rent, but God decided differently! (^_^) We are still looking about this and trusting that God will provide. I have all confidence that He will take care of us, but I don’t want to neglect praying about it. God has never left us homeless, whether we have lived in the USA, Greenland, or Hungary.
  4. Please pray for Masey. She had a saliva gland biopsy. They are testing her for Sjogren’s Syndrome. The thought of a new disease/sickness is scary enough, but she is also nervous about the actual biopsy. They had to cut open part of her gums at the base of her front bottom lip and remove 6 or 7 saliva glands for testing. If you would like to send her an encouraging email, her address is:
  5. Please pray for us this next week as we go say our “Goodbyes” to family and friends. This is never easy isn’t really something we are looking forward to. Not that we don’t want to see family, we just don’t want to say “Goodbye”.

As always, thank you for your prayers and support for our family. God bless!

  1. Curtis Reynolds says:

    Dear Arnold Family, Our Daughter, Stephanie Carpenter, needed health care for her and her family. (her husband died in 2013.) She chose CHC, Christian Health Care. Have you looked into that one? We don’t know anything about it.
    Praying always for you all. Love you , Curtis and Janet Reynolds.
    (from Clearview Baptist in Heber Springs)


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