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We found out Friday that our residence visas have been approved! We should get our cards in this week. To us this is a great blessing and a great relief. Thank you for praying for us about this.

I have started a new site for our life here in Hungary. I just didn’t think Freezin’ For a Reason properly reflected things now. One reason being that we’ve been in the 80’s lately and I sure don’t feel like I’m freezing! The new site is called Getting A Little Hungary. You can click on the name and it will take you to the new site (opens in a new window). It’s still a work in progress but it’s slowly coming together.

For a while longer I will parallel post between the two site, but will eventually shift my main focus to the new site. I don’t plan on shutting this site down and will continue to post other things on here. For those that receive email updates from this site I will try to migrate your email subscriptions over to Getting A Little Hungary soon.

Please keep praying for us about our pallet we shipped from the US. It arrived in Hungary 3 weeks ago but we still haven’t been able to get it from customs. I think we finally have them satisfied will all the documents sent and deposits paid. Lord willing we will be getting it this week. But please keep praying for us about this.

Thank you to those that have prayed for us, supported us, encouraged us, and helped us over the years. We GREATLY appreciate it. God bless you as you seek to serve Him!

  1. Carolyn Courtney says:

    This is such a blessing to read! I have been praying for you. How are the children doing? How do they spend their time?

    I had nine in my Sunday school class yesterday.

    Last night we heard the good news that Philip and Tina Hogan and also Seth and Angel Hawkins are expecting babies. Emily Presswood had her little girl yesterday at 11:59 A.M.

    Carolyn Courtney

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    • We are doing good. The kids are making friends at church and with the neighbor kids. Now that they’re finished with school they like to play outside (soccer, jump rope, walking around), read, and take pictures/make videos. Masey teaches Sunday school here and they had 11 in her class last Sunday. It was a blessing to us.

      I pray that things continue to go good for you and for Victory BC. God bless!


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