The Freezin’ part comes from our ministry in Greenland. Me and my wife grew up in the south. Mississippi to be particular. (^_^) We didn’t usually see much snow or cold temps where we grew up. After God saved me and called me to Greenland, I could think of no better title for what we were going to do other than “Freezin’ for a Reason”.

During our time in Greenland we have seen temps down very cold and snow around 9 months out of the year. The coldest that I have walked was a windchill of -46. It was when I had to go get groceries one day, and boy was it cold! Masey and I have joked that we have been so cold we just wished someone would set us on fire to warm us up. (^_^)

We thought that God was leading up to Denmark for language school for a while, but He has since closed that opportunity. We are heading back to Greenland and plan on ministering in the capital city of Nuuk.

You might be wondering what the Reason is we do this. Is if for money, fame, guilt, pity, or some other reason? Click here to read more.