How You Can Help

One thing necessary to living in Greenlnad is having the support of churches and individuals of like faith and practice. I can without a doubt say that God is our biggest supporter. Without His help, we would not be here today. If you would be interested in supporting our family and our ministry efforts to Greenland, here are a few ideas:

Pray for us

I cannot emphasize enough how much we need prayer. The prayers of God’s children is something that many Christians take for granted, but believe me, they are needed. To better be able to pray for us you can sign up to follow the posts on this blog and you can sign up for our bi-monthly email prayer letters.

To sign up for our prayer letters, please click here and complete the sign up form. You should receive an email confirming your subscription.


Give money

It is neither easy nor cheap to live in Greenland. If you would like to give towards our family’s ministry efforts here, you can do so at the link below. Through this link you can give by debit card or PayPal account.

Click to Donate through PayPal