Serbia – Hungary Pictures

Posted: February 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

Below you will find pictures from our recent trip. I hope you enjoy them. We have more pictures still on our camera and some on our cell phones that might get uploaded later.

We want to thank Bro. Danny Foss and his family for housing us in Serbia and driving us to Hungary. We also want to thank Bro. Kovacs & family, Bro. Pranger & family, and their churches for allowing to be with them while in Hungary! And a big “Thank You!” for those that have been praying for us! Please continue to do so!


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Merry Christmas

Posted: December 23, 2015 in anniversaries, Christmas

Merry Christmas to all the readers out there! I trust that God has blessed you this year and that you have stayed true to Him in worship and service. God has certainly blessed us. My health seems to be doing a lot better. Masey Read the rest of this entry »

Health Updates part 2

Posted: October 23, 2015 in Masey, missionaries, sick, update

Masey finished up her heart monitor and the cardiologist has concluded that she does have tachycardia. At one point she was sitting and her heart was pumping about 160 bpm! Her official diagnosis from this is Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia. There is a new-to-America medicine that the doctor said treats it real good, but our insurance won’t cover it and we cannot afford $450/bottle. He put her on another medicine and she goes back in a few weeks to assess if there has been any improvements or not.

We are still eagerly awaiting her Rheumatologist appointment. She hasn’t seen much improvement in the way she is feeling lately. We finally got Read the rest of this entry »

Health Updates

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Thank you for those that have been praying for us and those that have sent kind words through email and Facebook messages. It is a blessing to hear that folks are praying for us.

Elijah went for his glaucoma checkup the other day and the doctor said that he is certain Elijah doesn’t have glaucoma right now! It was a blessing and relief to hear that. Elijah does have a thick cornea, which was throwing off the eye pressure tests, and he still only has a .55 on his optic nerve but he has not lost any optic nerve either. The doctor said that is probably just normal for Eli even though it is outside the norm for everyone else. He wants Elijah to have routine check ups just to make sure he doesn’t develop glaucoma later. We are praising God for this good news.

We do have a prayer request concerning Elijah. He needs to get braces to correct a cross bite that he has, but his insurance is dragging their feet on getting him approved. IF he can get approved before we go overseas and get the process started, we found an orthodontist in Nuuk that should be able to maintain the treatment until it is corrected. Having an orthodontist in Greenland is a blessing in itself because we didn’t think they had one at first. (^_^) But this is something that needs corrected while he is young, otherwise they said he will need jaw surgery when he is older to fix it.

Masey isn’t doing that great though. The doctors did conclude that she doesn’t have any tick illnesses (Praise God!). Right now she is on a 30 day heart monitor to see what is causing her heart problems. She has just about every symptom that you can think of – dizziness, heart racing, skipping beats, etc. The only thing that hasn’t happened yet is fainting, but she has been close. I don’t say this to scare anyone, just so you know how to pray for us. Her heart specialist did recommend she go to a rheumatologist to get checked again for rheumatoid arthritis. It took a while but she got in with one in Little Rock but the closest appt was for Dec 15th. While we sure want to see one quicker, we have to be patient about this.

She was doing ok for a little while with the arthritic pain, but she seems to be having another “flare up” these past few days. It usually starts with a stiff neck and spreads to the rest of her body. Please keep her in prayer if you would.

Thankfully the girls are both doing fine. I guess you could say they are healthy as horses! (^_^) At least they are eating like horses lately. We are accusing them of saving up energy for a growth spurt.

Finally keep me in prayers also. I have been dealing with some health problems for a few months, but haven’t wanted to say anything. I have had some tests done and go for an MRI tomorrow to see what else is wrong. It seems like my body is having trouble processing sodium. I have been on a low to no sodium diet yet still deal with what feels like the effects of high sodium. An endocrinologist that I went to thinks it could be a growth on my pituitary gland causing the problem, hence the MRI to see if there is anything in my head. (^_^)

We are so appreciative to those that faithfully pray for us, email us, and/or support us. Thank you so much! God bless!

Prayer Requests

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I have a few family prayer requests if ya’ll wouldn’t mind praying for them I would appreciate it.

Elijah and the girls went for routine eye exams last week. None of them need glasses right now, but the eye doc found something strange with Elijah. It looks as though Eli might have glaucoma. He is being sent to a specialist on the 21st who will be able to tell us more. Eli says he doesn’t have any eye pain, which is encouraging, but the eye doc said that his nerves are reacting like someone who has glaucoma. Please pray for him (and us) about this.

Next up please pray for Masey. She has been feeling bad for a few weeks and went to get checked out on Wednesday. Her doctor told her that she thinks she has Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Masey is on some strong antibiotics while she is waiting for the test results to come back and confirm or deny the sickness. But the antibiotics aren’t without their side effects. Pray for her through this and that we can help take care of her.

Lastly please keep praying for us about our paperwork. This seems to be the most common prayer request I post, but it is an important one. We haven’t heard anything yet so there isn’t any news to report there, but our prayer and hearts desire is to get back to Greenland as soon as God allows. We have been praying that we could be back over there by January if God will let us.

Thank you for taking time to read through these and please pray for us if you would. Thanks!

GL Prayer Cards

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Front of Card

Front of Card

Back of Card

Back of Card

I can’t remember if I ever posted our new cards. I know that I emailed them out and included them in the hard copies I sent folks, but I don’t think they are on here. If you want to print them, you should be able to Right Click -> Save Link As -> Then once you download it you can print it out with whatever program you prefer. Just in case someone would want to print them out. (^_^) If you have any trouble with them, let me know and I’ll try to get it sorted out for you. Thanks!


Still alive!

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I just wanted to let folks know we are still alive and kicking. We had a good time helping out at our sending church’s youth conference. There were a lot of 7th-12th graders here and they heard some good preaching and singing. The past week or so we have been battling some sickness. A couple of the kids have had some strep throat and poor Masey has been fighting off a stomach flu for over 4 days now. Thankfully I have been relatively healthy other than some allergies and have done what I can to help them out.

Please continue to pray for us. Our paperwork is being processed for Greenland and, Lord willing, we will be travelling to some meetings in August. We would like to raise up some more support before we head back over to Greenland. Please be praying for us about this.

Thank you to those that faithfully pray for us. We definitely need them. God bless!